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 Barbara Marie Jackson is a wife and mother.  Married to Pastor Henry Jackson, Jr. for 27 years, they have five beautiful children:  Eric, Erica, Henry III, Joshua, and Hannah.  They also have five grandchildren. 


Barbara has been a faithful laborer in God's Kingdom for over 35 years.  Her foundation is built on solid biblical principles. She and her husband currently reside in Davenport, FL, where they pastor Greater Life Worship Center International.  Dr. Barbara is a passionate teacher, preacher, mentor, and conference speaker.  A midwife, birthing God's anointed and appointed for the Kingdom.

From then until now, she has continually challenged the people of God to go to the next dimension in him.



In 2001, Dr. Barbara and her husband founded Greater Immanuel Faith Temple in Albany, NY, where they pastured for seven years. They later moved to Richmond, VA, where she was an Associate Pastor for five years under Bishop Orrin & Pastor Medina Pullings, at the United Nations Church International of Richmond, VA. She and her husband currently reside in Davenport, FL, where they founded Greater Life Worship Center International in 2016. In 2004 Barbara established Restoration Support in which she is the President.  It is a 501c3 non-profit organization supporting veterans and their families and other individuals who need assistance, mentorship, or life coaching through her Better Me Coaching program.  


Dr. Barbara hosts a weekly virtual prayer gathering on Facebook Live and Periscope called "Let's Pray with Pastor Barbara" it airs every Tuesday at 7:30 am.  In the past, she was a weekly broadcaster for Black Women Empowered Network, a social media platform that reaches over 3 million followers daily.  There she shared the Word of hope weekly ministering the Word and engaged with her audience, winning many to Christ. Barbara has now co-founded her own Women's Empowerment Network (WEN). An International Network that reaches out to a diverse, multi-cultural group of women.  Its goal is to encourage, inspire, and support women in maximizing their potential and achieving greatness. The group gives women a unique platform to build their brand, ministry, and business. WEN also sponsors a weekly Ladies Zoom that highlights different women in ministry.  She, too, is a significant contributor to the SoulSistas10x Network, another network highlighting and advancing women in ministry.  

Known for her compassion and love for the people of God, Dr. Barbara is a passionate teacher, preacher, mentor, and conference speaker.  She’s, a midwife, birthing God's anointed and appointed for the Kingdom.  Her insightful messages include sobering truths that challenge both men and women to pray and cultivate their God-given potential personally and spiritually.  She has hosted several life-changing women conferences and retreats, successfully meeting many women's needs hindered from pursuing their purpose because of emotional and physical disparities, health issues, insecurities, bad relationships, and spiritual blockage. 


Barbara has an AA degree in Accounting and Business Management, a BS in Christian Studies, an MS in Christian Leadership, Ph.D. in Humanities

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